Themed Hotel Suites for your Kitty

Pictures don't do our suites justice.  Here at Purrfect Paradise we encourage all our pet parents to come by and check out the suites for yourself.  Each room is geared around making your kitty comfy, exercised and entertained during their stay at our boarding hotel.  Give us a call at 704-440-4080 to set up a tour or book at room.  Majority of the rooms come with a view of downtown Pineville and various napping, hiding and climbing spots.  Please note that your cat must be current on Rabies and Distemper prior to boarding.  *All rooms are priced per night for 1 cat.  Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.  A $50 non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking to reserve your stay.  If your stay invoice is less than $50 the deposit will equal your invoice.

Cat boarding
The Dressing Room - $28*

The Dressing Room is one of our interior rooms.  It is roughly 6x8 and has a glass door and multiple climbing shelves and hiding place.  It is the perfect getaway for your baby! Your kitty will enjoy the colorful leaps from one wall station to the next with ribboned toys just the right size for hours of play. There is a scratch post station for your baby to enjoy a self pedicure and manicure anytime they want and a covered retreat great for cat naps.

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.


Cat Boarding in Charlotte
Cosmic Kitty - $36*

Cosmic kitty is themed for the playful fare, from the huge window to watch the cars and people on main street to the out of this world toys! Night Life for the kitty enhances their sense of prowling with the starry night light and the planets above. There are scratching posts and climbing apparatuses for their enjoyment as well. Your Kitty will enjoy hours of play in this themed cozy suite!  An exterior room roughly 9x10. 

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.

Cat Boarding
Cairo Kitty - $36*

The Egypt Room is the perfect vacation for your kitty. Your cat will enjoy playtime on pyramids, walking through tunnels around the room while jumping from shelf to shelf. They can sun bathe​ during the day while relaxing by the window with a view of Main Street and play with feathered toys placed around the room just for them.  An exterior room roughly 9x11.

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night. 

Cat Hotel
Jungle Kitty - $41*

Your cat will be King of the Jungle in our Jungle Room! Whether it is walking next to the elephant or sitting tall on the wall shelves they will thank you for their jungle adventure. Your cat will love the window view with just the right amount of sun for their cat naps or cuddle up in bed to prepare for their next adventure in the jungle.  An exterior room roughly 10x13.

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.

Cat only boarding
Under the Sea - $37*

Under The Sea is just where your cat wants to retreat! With leaps around the water world your baby will enjoy everything from relaxing in the window cubbies with a view of the hotel to snuggling in bed under the starfish. A favorite spot for all is the cat tree leading to the wall of adventure where hours of play will fill your cat's day!  An interior room roughly 9x13. 

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.

Large Kitty Condo - $22*

Three tier kitty condo with a window view.  Suitable for two family kitties. Shown on the left

*Each additional family cat per room is $8 per night.

Small Kitty Condo - $20

Two tier kitty condo. One kitty only.  Shown on the right.


Add on's for comfort

  • $3.00 Oral medicine per administration

  • $10.00 Injection per administration

  • $15.00 Fluids per administration

  • $3.00 Fountain Rental per night

  • $5.00 Camera Rental per night

  • $1.00 House Dry Food per cat, per day (up to a cup)

  • $1.50 House Wet Food per can, plus tax

  • $5.00 Per extended play or social session (10 Mins)

  • $7.00 Per extended play or social session (20 Mins)

  • $10.00 Per extended play or social session (30 Mins)

  • $20.00 For day boarding (dropping off in the am & picking up the same day.) 

  • $5.00 extra per night for each aggressive cat

  • $1.00 Tuna/Catnip Treat Service per day

  • $8.00 Each additional family cat per room, per night

  • $15.00 for pick ups or drop offs on Sunday


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