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Bathing and Deshedding Services

Fluffs of Luv Grooming specializes in maintaining your cat and dog’s appearance and well-being. We believe regular grooming is essential to a healthy pet and we offer a peaceful, clean and safe environment for your pet. Regardless of breed, size and age, all dogs are welcome!


Our grooming staff will give your furry loved one personalized, hands-on care. Call (704) 421-3492 to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s grooming needs and get tips to ensure your pet stays looking fabulous!!


Bathing Services include a nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands and bath.  (prices vary based on breed and temperament.  We do require that your pet be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella)


Baths (ears, nails and bath)

$25.00 for pups up to 25 lbs

$35.00 for pups 25-50 lbs

$45.00 for pups 51-85 lbs

$60.00 for 85-above lbs & Large Long Hair pups

$60.00 for Short Hair Cats

$70.00 for Long Hair Cats


Add On Services to Customize

$45.00 Deshedding Starting at & depends on breed

$10.00 and up Dry Skin Treatment

$10.00 Medicated Bath

$10.00 Teeth Brushing

$10.00 Nail Trim (alone)

$15.00 Nail Grinding (alone)

$25.00 Feather Extension (alone)


Sorry we currently do not offer grooms that require any cutting or styling.  Just baths and desheds.


Dog Bather
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